Crypt Currency Antique silver limited edition


**Limited quantities are available at this time so I'm asking a limit of 5 per person. Anything above that will be cancelled**

This second coin is several months in the making. It is 1.5 inches with reeded edges and a beautiful antique silver look. A very nicely weighted piece composed of a brass and iron alloy. One side of the coin has my pentagram hands indicating YES and, opposite, my Fortuna hand indicating NO. A unique piece that can be used to simplify decision making, as a totem or as a comfort object to hold in your hand to soothe your nerves.

This design will be limited to 1000 minted coins. This design comes protected with a small clear vinyl coin pouch in a scented organic 100% cotton muslin bag. This will be the last minting of this design never to be created again.

The coin can be cashed in at conventions for $50 toward any item. Additional perks to come for all coin holders.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. Tracking provided on all orders.

Attn: International orders have been taking longer than usual. Please be patient with the process.