Resurrection 12 X 16


A beautiful and richly colored giclee print of one of my favorite oil paintings.

The history:

This is my rabbit dissection oilpainting on linen from a few years back. My cats eat raw dehydrated rabbit food by Instinct (the food company but also by their own "instinct"). I was vegan and vegetarian for over twenty years but my body became weak and ill so I slowly incorporated meat into my diet and, for my own body constitution, it worked. I still have vegan, raw and vegetarian days but meat is here to stay for me. I've always had issues with food tolerance and I partially attribute that to being emotional, sensitive and type A. Our guts are closely linked to our emotions so certain foods can screw up my equilibrium for days. I always felt that if I were to eat meat, it's only fair that I should prepare it from the source and be connected to it rather than being disconnected and buying it in a pack where the reverence for life is all but lost in plastic and foam. This painting was a lesson in life. I purchased the rabbit alive at a store that prepares meat. I spent time with the rabbit and allowed myself to understand the sacrifice animals are forced to take as food for us. He was then killed after I requested a description of how it was to be done and I took him home. I prepared his body and kept his head because then I could still relate to the life that was lost. Before I prepared him as food for both myself and the cats, I created this scene that you see here painted. Afterwards he fed us for several days. It was one of the most heartbreaking works I have ever done but I wanted to document it and make it last forever as a symbol. It's not meant to offend, it's meant to honor. Without the story I think it can be misunderstood. This rabbit will live on forever. If you eat meat, I highly suggest you do this. It will give you a greater appreciation of what you consume. Might even make you vegetarian.

Wrapped in glassine and shipped in a large tube with tracking.

Please allow two weeks for delivery.



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