Earthworm Perfume Oil 10ml


Earthworm perfume oil. 2018

This 10 ml bottle is an olfactory interpretation of my dream experience and drawing. The bottle is fine ultra dark cobalt to help from degrading UV light. It is a combination of wet earth, green plants, moss and a very very subtle rose scent.

This is for you. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been obsessed with scents. I have somewhat of a photographic memory of places and times that are conjured up by certain smells.

The first time I walked into the house we live in, I knew it had to be ours because of the old wood scent that reminded me of growing up in my dad’s church. I’ve also been known to chase people down in crowds to find out what perfume they’re wearing so I could dissect the notes later and isolate the ones I fall for. Many of my dreams and drawings have an environment that includes temperature, weather and a specific olfactory backdrop. I’ve had this project in mind for years and was finally able to actualize it. I wanted to be able to create something that went beyond two dimensions of paper and wood that you could experience.

In 2015, I experienced my first olfactory dream. I was an earthworm burrowing through the wet earth underneath roots of a rose bush. I could feel the cold moist dirt all around me and perceived the faint scent of cut grass and rose petals above me. When I awoke, I noticed my knees were scratched and red, who knows where I had crawled that night? I was amazed at how we can become something so far from the human experience, to be something like a worm and to perceive that existence as if it were reality. That night I was inspired to draw this image of my bloody scratched knees. This scent encompasses that experience and I hope, for those of you who have this in common with me, you can appreciate it. I will be making multiple scents for a few of my older drawings and plan on making more in the future. This one is called EARTHWORM. The bottle has a small print on an oil resistant label.

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